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Advanced Technology

Digital Retinal Imaging & OCT Scans​

Optos Daytona
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • Highly advanced camera that can image and measure the individual layers of cells within the eye, specifically the retina tissue that lines the inside of our eyes and the optic nerves that send information from our eyes to our brain

  • Aids with the diagnosis management of retinal and optic nerve conditions that may be difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye using lenses and photographs

  • Used to monitor patients taking high risk medications that can have an effect on their vision

  • OCT is the new gold standard for diagnosing and monitoring Glaucoma 


Humphrey Visual Field
  • Tests the function and strength of your side/peripheral vision

  • Used for the diagnosis and management of a multitude of conditions like glaucoma, strokes, brain tumors, and many other neurological, retinal, and optic nerve conditions

  • Allows your doctor to see the extent of your vision and check for changes over time with the goal of preserving the healthy vision patients do have

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